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    信息來源:   DATE:2020/12/22   點擊:


        For more than 20 years, TM has been adhering to the service concept of co-existence with customers. On the basis of product quality, truth and pragmatism, we have adhered to the development road of scientific and technological innovation, and continuously carried out the research and development and application of new products and new technologies. Perfect the enterprise's own industrial chain and production management, strive to achieve the strongest, most refined and best products in the world. Our mission is to provide intelligent, efficient and systematic floor processing equipment to customers worldwide.


        World of Concrete 世界混凝土展,一家創立于1975年,歷經40余年積淀和發展的全球商用混凝土及砌筑行業專業展覽會。是一個匯聚全球各地專業人士的頂級業界交流平臺,本次的World of Concrete Asia 亞洲站 特別邀請拓美公司參與到美中地坪施工技術標準對比論壇的活動,這也是歷屆以來,首次在國際舞臺,讓中國和美國施工技術進行更深層次的對比探討,并通過案例形式凸顯中國獨有優勢,相互深入溝通的一次交流盛典。
         Founded in 1975, The World of Concrete is a professional exhibition of commercial Concrete and masonry in the World, which has accumulated and developed for more than 40 years. It is a top industry exchange platform gathering lots of professionals across the World. World of Concrete Asia specially invited TM company to participate in "Comparison of technical standards for floor construction between the United States and China" BBS activities. This is also the first time in the history of the international stage for Chinese and American construction technology to have a deeper comparative discussion, and through the case form to highlight China's unique advantages, in-depth communication with each other. It is really a communication ceremony.

        In retrospect, foreign countries have always been the industry standard makers and leaders, while China has always been the standard pursuer and executor. As for the flatness of the ground, it has actually become the bottleneck of intelligent warehousing logistics. Solving the problem of floor roughness, has become a problem in the world. It represents the construction ability and the level of floor machinery manufacturing industry of China in the World. Shanghai TM company, represented by Eagle Cai, carried out technical exchange and sharing on the construction plan of super flat surface, fully analyzed the significance of super flat surface in the face of intelligent logistics system, and elaborated and implemented the TM enterprise standard, which is far higher than the global industry construction standard in the field of floor processing.

       TM , as the leader of the global floor processing industry, we have the responsibility and obligation to break through the bottleneck of the industry, change the outdated status quo, will eventually become the industry standard setter, let the Chinese standard stands at the top of the world !


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